Live Entertainment from 9pm - 1am:
  • The Kings - Roanoke Ballroom
  • William Penn Quartet - Crystal Ballroom
  • Balloon Drop at Midnight - Both Ballrooms
  • Champagne Toast at Midnight - Both Ballrooms
The gala features two live bands for your entertainment. The Kings, live in the Roanoke Ballroom, will be playing selections from the top 40's, beach music, & oldies. The Kings have been a part of the gala since its inception. The Roanoke Ballroom is the largest of the two rooms and seats approximately 600 people. The lighting is "concert style" with dimmed lights and colored spotlights highlighting the stage. The music is loud, inviting everyone to the dance floor.

The William Penn Quartet, live in the Crystal Ballroom, will be playing dinner music and jazz selections. This more intimate setting seats approximately 100 people. The lighting is warm and inviting highlighting a spacious dance floor. The dance floor allows more movement for ballroom style dancing.

Both ballrooms feature a count-down to the new year with a balloon drop at the midnight hour over the dance floor. Champagne is provided to each couple for a midnight champagne toast.